Quite simply, trading is the process of buying and selling

Buying and selling various products in the largest global market with the largest liquidity reaching 4 trillion dollars

What is trading

Electronic trading is a 24-hour market

Trading takes place around the world during different business hours, so you can trade major currencies at any time of your choosing from Sunday 12:00 AM until Friday 11:59 PM. And since the market is not restricted to specific trading hours, there are continuous developments at any time ,day and night.

Why trade?

Online trading has spread greatly over the past decade, as this market has gained great popularity because it offers many many advantages, namely:

Take long or short positions

 When trading, you can buy any currency that you expect to increase in price. You can also sell any currency that you expect to decrease in price. There is no “bear market” in - meaning you can make money (or lose it) at any time.

For these reasons, there are a large number of traders permanently, which makes opening and closing trading positions very easy even if they are of a large size, and traders are able to define a take-profit system so that the positions are closed when they reach a certain profit level, and also set a stop loss order.

"Independent people"

There is no limit in the market when taking short positions, unlike many other financial markets that make selling difficult.

Trading commissions

While many traders are aware of the benefits of trading, there are a few who are unaware of the benefits so that no one likes to pay a commission to make money, and traders in the market do not pay a trading commission nor a government commission, quite simply the trader is not obliged to give up any part of his profits. There is a small fee on the difference between the sale price and the purchase price, and it takes place once at the start of the deal.

Unparalleled financial liquidity

The forex market is very huge and the daily trading volume in the forex market exceeds almost 4 trillion dollars, which means high liquidity.

Online trading cannot be controlled

The Forex market is very large and huge and cannot be controlled or controlled by any entity or country for any period of time.

Easy to login and get started

Entering the forex market is very easy, as it is possible to start with as little as $ 25, and there are other brokerage firms that offer accounts for less than that amount.

There are no middlemen

Traders can trade directly in the market instead of relying on a broker to open trades.

Provides leverage

You can trade forex with a leverage that starts from 1:50 to 1: 400, due to the large availability of financial liquidity. It makes small investors able to trade, an advantage that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of even the simplest changes in the market, knowing that the use of leverage is of course a double-edged sword, it may lead to an increase in your loss as well as an increase in your profit.

Opportunities to invest globally

With increased outreach on a global level, investors are looking for possible investment opportunities everywhere. If you want to expand your expectations and invest in another country (or sell an investment, for example!) In the market, it is one of the easiest opportunities to invest globally.

Who is trading?

International banks

It is no secret to anyone that banks are the largest and most important players in global currency trading. They execute thousands of daily transactions around the clock, and also major banks have the greatest influence in moving the market and identifying differences on supply and demand.

Central banks

Central banks conduct the exchange of local currency into another currency on the authority of their governments, and they often move to influence the course of the direction taken by their own currencies, according to the interest that is consistent with their financial policies, and thus protects their economic interests.

Mutual funds

Most of them belong to investment institutions, pension funds, or insurance companies, which intervene in the market according to their interests. The most famous of these funds, we mention "Quantum", which is the fund owned by the famous investor George Soros, who wrote a history in this field and is still considered one of the largest investors able to influence the course of the market.

Forex Brokers

Their mission is limited to the permanent link between buyers and sellers. That is, they move as intermediaries between banks on the one hand, and on the other hand between ordinary investors. And for their work this they get a commission.

Almost 90% are ordinary people who carry out massive exchanges between currencies every day, aiming to make the most money.

Advantages of trading?

1. Race, gender, social status and education do not matter when trading, all that matters is the amount you will start trading with.

2. You can work from home and not pay office or store rent for the goods.

3. There is no face-to-face contact with clients so there is no reason to worry about customer service and follow-up.

4. You can trade at any time, if you only want to trade part-time you can, and there is no obligation to a formal time as a traditional employee.

5. You do not need a lot of money to start your trading as the deposit starts at $ 50.

6. Deals can be converted into money in just a few seconds, and you don't need to wait for your salary as an employee when you need it.

7. Low transaction costs and no commissions, which means that you keep a large amount of profits.

8. Trading can be learned quickly and easily without a university degree. You also do not need years of experience to start trading.

9. All that is required to start trading is a computer with an internet connection - a broker that provides a trading service - financing your account - and a solid strategy.

Types of trading

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