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About the secretariat

who are we?

- Welcome to Amana Trading - the right partner for distinguished trading - Amana Trading is a financial broker specializing in providing brokerage services in global markets for currencies, commodities and stock indices. Amana works with several partners that are organized and licensed by international regulatory bodies with a leading reputation and based on the meaning of the word trust, which symbolizes integrity, honesty and integrity, the concept of this word is directly reflected in the spirit of work, practices and commercial dealings.

Amana's vision for trading "your safe investment gateway"

To be the leader in providing innovative financial services in line with the needs of investors, whether they are institutions or individuals. We are pleased to provide you with our services and facilitate your electronic trading operations over the past few years. In the financial markets and our close vision of economic changes, we were able to be trusted experts in the forex field.

We believe that our success is the result of transparent practices that are the basis of our dealings with our clients and that are consistent with the meaning of the word honesty. We have witnessed a rapid expansion from one company to a group of companies serving the field of electronic trading and publishing the latest news and economic information. Today we are proud to secure the needs of clients on an individual or institutional scale. Our primary goal is to provide traders in the world with an easy trading experience and introduce them to the nature of trading in the financial markets by spreading knowledge and experience in all available methods.

Amana benefits and services

Choose the trading platform that best suits you

- Amana gives you a number of the most popular platforms in the world, in addition to liquidity, prices, technical support, and high speed of execution, trading wherever you are.

Easy access from computers, tablets and smartphones. Trade or place various orders 24/5 (24 hours within 5 days) a week.

Customizable leverage.

- Up to 1: 400 leverage when opening an account where you can select the appropriate leverage for you.

Easy and fast account opening.

Open an account, deposit and start trading in less than an hour.

Interest-free accounts.

Accounts in accordance with Islamic Sharia without paying any fees for daily swaps (swaps).

Continuing education.

Learn to trade with videos, training articles, e-books, and frequently asked questions.

Professional customer service. Amana provides continuous customer support 24/5 and VIP customer service.

Full security for clients' deposits

- All clients' deposits and accounts are kept in accounts completely separated from any assets of Amana Financial Consulting and Trading and are available to clients at any time.


Company licenses

Amana is a licensed company and is subject to the laws and regulations in force in Palestine, and all companies with which Amana deals with are subject to international licenses, including Amana Trading Company, which is subject to the British Supervisory Authority and is subject to the Financial Supervision Authority - UK License No. (605070). The Financial Supervisory Authority - United Kingdom is an independent regulatory oversight body in the United Kingdom, as it was established on the heels of the British Financial Authority (FSA) and one of the most important objectives of the British Financial Authority is to secure an appropriate degree of consumer protection, in addition to strengthening and protecting the foundations of the financial system in the United Kingdom. Among the advantages achieved by Amana Company is that all clients' funds are kept in separate accounts from the company's funds, and there are guarantees for each account opened through the Amana company.

All personal information collected by Amana will be protected by high security and protection measures. Where the company provides applications, procedures and systems with a high level of security and confidentiality to our customers.