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Energy Futures

About energy commodities

High market volatility is the most typical feature of energy prices, as a result of many of the political and environmental factors that affect them. Many supply and demand factors affect energy prices, with the growth of the global economy being the strongest among them. Energy demand increases in times of economic prosperity, while consumption declines in times of economic stagnation. In addition to economic changes, extreme weather conditions also have a significant impact on energy sources, disrupting supplies of crude oil, natural gas or heating fuel. As a result, these conditions reduce or increase the demand for many consumer services related to these energy sources. Moreover, global energy prices are significantly affected by political instability in some of the world's largest natural gas fields. Oil is a globalized market, 24 hours a day, and its prices are in constant motion. This makes it an ideal way for day-to-day traders looking for quick moves and choosing CFDs as the
easiest way to trade oil prices.