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Frequently Asked Questions

who are we?

Amana Financial Consulting and Trading Company is a financial broker established since 2016 and is subject to the laws and regulations in force in Palestine. Amana Trading Company was established with the efforts of specialists, analysts and businessmen partners who took the slogan that Amana is your gateway to investment. Amana provides the best services and financial tools by providing the most favorable conditions for trading in terms of place and time, 24/5 through the technical support and customer service staff who we have trained and developed to provide global professional services to our clients.

Why Amana?

Amana provides the best services and financial tools by providing the most favorable conditions for trading in terms of place and time, 24/5 through the technical support and customer service staff

Amana provides professional services by providing withdrawal and deposit services for traders on global stock exchanges

Amana gives you a number of the most popular platforms in the world, in addition to liquidity, prices, technical support, and high speed of implementation

Leverage up to 1: 400 when opening an account, where you can select the appropriate leverage for you

Accounts according to Islamic law without paying any fees for daily swaps (swaps)

· All client deposits and accounts are kept completely separate from any Amana assets and are available to clients at any time

Learn to trade with videos, training articles, e-books, and FAQs

       Is it a licensed amana company? And what is the guarantee of my money?

Yes, it is a licensed company and is subject to the laws and regulations in force in Palestine, and all companies with which it deals with are subject to international licenses, including Amana Capital, which is subject to the British Supervision Authority. Among the advantages achieved by Amana is that all clients' funds are kept in separate accounts from the company's funds and there are guarantees. For each account opened through Amana.

   Who are the trading partners?

   Are there recommendations?

Is there an account management?

   How do I start trading in the foreign currency market?

  What is the demo account?

What are the types of accounts offered by Amana?

    Why is it not possible to withdraw from my account knowing that there is a balance?

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

If you encounter a problem in withdrawing and depositing?

Does Amana company accept checks for deposit?

Amana deals as a broker for several international companies that have licenses and are subject to strict regulatory authorities. I do not know anything about trading! How do i learn?

Of course we are here to train and educate you so that you can start working on Forex

All the information you need for education is on our website - (Educational Guide Section)

You can also contact us with any inquiries or questions, and we will answer all your inquiries

    How can I contact Amana? What are the means of communication?

Our dear customer, you can call and communicate by calling 1700900100 or through our (Live chat) - WhatsApp - Viber - Facebook, or by visiting the company's headquarters located in: Palestine - Gaza - Abu Mazen Circle - Sana'a Street - opposite a mobile company - Building Abu Dhabi 3

    What is the commission that amana takes or charges?

Amana company does not charge the client any commission for opening an account or for withdrawing and depositing

There are recommendations from the Amana company on the buying and selling processes, through WhatsApp, the customer is the one who decides for himself to buy and sell only

    Are there currency analyzes?

Yes, there are analyzes on our website, but dear customer, before using the analysis, you must read the disclaimer statement because Amana does not bear responsibility for any of the existing analyzes that only express the views of the company, and they may not be correct.

Absolutely there is no account management at Amana company, the customer is the only one who manages his account and he is the one who makes the decision to buy and sell and the profit and loss himself

    The electricity problem is a general problem, how can I track my account?

Dear customer, we are here in the technical support and customer service department at your service 24/5, at any time you can call and follow up your account

    Can my friend manage my account and request withdrawal and deposit?

Absolutely not anyone can manage accounts for others or request withdrawal and deposit other than the client himself

Register your personal data. Follow up and read all Forex educational lessons as possible through our website (trading guide section). Write important notes. Attending any seminar or training course on Forex, whether in your country or in a regional conference, and if this is not possible, it is possible to attend online courses. Training for a period of not less than 3 months in a demo account and the availability of this demo account are among the conditions for your selection of the company with which you will open a real real account. - Start real trading with highly calculated steps and simple operations. are you ready ? Start We are your gateway to investment.

The demo account is an account that is completely similar to the real account, but the difference is that the amount that constitutes the capital is not real and it is a hypothetical amount that you trade and trade with without fear of losing it and at the same time the gain you do not get is in the end an unreal account. The advantage of using this type of account is that you are training more realistically on the same system that you will trade on next. This will give you more experience, more learning and gaining trading skills. The downside to this demo account is that it does not train you to control psychological matters, which play a fundamental role in trading in the Forex market. Trading with an account you know that the money in it is not real will isolate from you anxiety, fear and hesitation, but trading with a real account and money in it is your money. You will make these feelings accompany you